National Geographic: Precious Rocks Gems and Minerals

I have an obsession with crystals. I bought and subscribed to the National  Geographic Precious Rocks magazine. Check out the pictures!

Favourite crystal: Amethyst

The link:


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  1. Yes hello, I am collecting these for my grandchildren and they are loving them, we are still on our first show case, we are up to number 17 “AZURITE” But I have a complaint as this one (17) didnt come with its own little plastic box and foam that it sits in, in the case, I have been back to where I buy the Rocks from and have been told that No 17 have all come like that so what do I do now ?? can you help please.

  2. Yes. Hi Trish I have problems to as they have delayed my deliveries so I am a bit behind but I have caught up. I believe you should go on the website and ring them up and ask if they can send a box. That’s a little disappointing because they are precious little things those rocks. If not I can’t help. I suggest putting tissue paper in the case if they refuse to send a box. Let me know what happens or if you need another helping hand. Thanks, glad to be of help.

  3. disappointed in no 29 calcite the sample sent looks nothing like the picture shown on the back of issue 28 nor on the front of29 I’m collecting these for my grandson hope the rest are depicted more accurately

    1. It does that. I was having login problems so i have to “approve” your comment. Sorry about that. I can’t control it. Anyway. Answering your question; I don’t know what national geographic is doing but it is very disappointing. My issue 19 did not come with a box. As for the samples none look like the front. The front are precious obviously collectors items from collectors but I say who’s to complain. I understand where you’re coming from but I can’t help with dispatch issues or looks. I’m sorry about that. It’s better than nothing but as I always suggest, ring them. Complain. I always ring them about cases and boxes and stuff. I have to ring them for the 10th time because at the moment it’s rubbish. I hope I helped. Bye and thanks for visiting my blog!

    1. That’s very naughty of them!!!!
      I do agree that you must complain!
      All get together if necessary.
      Have your issues come from USA or GB?

  4. thanks for responding to my comment . I’m disappointed that it was not explained by national geographic that this would be the case .as the collection is 80 strong it adds up to a considerable amount of money . perhaps you would be able to provide me with relevant phone number so i can pursue this with them

  5. Hi there!

    Are you from the USA, as I had a customer in my shop 2 weeks ago looking forward to collecting these rocks from National Geographic which seems to have begun just a few weeks ago. The little lad of 6 has brought his mother into my store so he can complete his collection in one go from my selection of gems. Are there really 80 magazines? That’s going to cost a fortune for parents to facilitate this for their children!!! phew!! I’d like to find out what the collection consists of, so I’m able to help if anybody needs gems… and I know my gems will be cheaper than the magazine! Some good sites to go to are and also get onto this one if you’d like to find out how important it is to study crystallography, esp. for youngsters. check out the Naica caves in North Mexico too!! brilliant video, but may be a bit long for the youngsters… check it out though anyhow. I think getting into gems and rocks is very valuable in this day and age…. we need some more young scientists and this is a perfect way to bring the knowledge to them. Good luck everyone… and if you do need any other advise, please don’t hesitate to email me :~) Debz

    1. Sorry for late reply no I am in Australia and organised a magazine subscription. My Dad said he would not be spending $1,000 so I only got the first set.

  6. just another quick thought Karina – if you really really like rocks, and want to know as much as possible about rocks to further your knowledge, see if you can buy a book called ‘CrystalPowerCrystalHealing’ it’s by Michael Gienger, a german author who sadly passed away just last November. He has written a number of books which are fabulous! I’m always trying to get the youngsters reading more about earth mysteries. It’s very important.
    Spread the word and feed your soul, learn as much as you can while you’re young. . . you sound like a very studious person. . . stay like that eh :~)

    I’ve got a facebook account in UK check me out .. just in case you’re wondering where I came from? ha ha
    my web page is : and you’ll find my facebook page half way down the page.

    I’m in the middle of England…. where the very first bridge inthe WORLD was built!! I’ve just found out you’re in Oz . . . I have a friend who moved out to Oz a few years ago, she’s in Adelaide. I’d love to visit her one day. Whereabouts are you? state -wise….. you don’t have to tell me where you are exactly! :~)
    Debz ;~]

  7. I bought issue 1 today and subscribed for the rest. Worth subscribing rather than chasing newsagents for them! Free postage and awesome subscriber gifts. A great addition to our homeschool room.

    1. Just chasing some info on the subscriptions, how much a month do they take out? I cant seem to find a clear answer on this TIA

      1. Here in Aus they send out 4 issues per month so it is around the $50 mark that is charged. Also they automatically charge for binders every few months if you dont tell them otherwise. Hope that helped 🙂

  8. I am in need of issue 5 (2015) with the free binder and I can’t seem to get it from anywhere. Does anyone have an email address or telephone where I can get hold of one?

  9. Bernadette, this series is not published by National Geographic Itself. Here in Australia you need to contact Bissett Magazines as they publish and control the subscriptions for it. In fact they do all of those week by week publications! You can also ask your local newsagent to backorder you a copy, or request one from Bissett.

    There is an email and phone on the website 🙂

  10. G day, I am concerned about what chemical solution is in issue 1s Gold Vile’s. I dropped one of them on the floor and it smells like Alcohol! But on the baes of the Vile it says it contains Pharmaceutical Propylene glycol? This does not have a Alcohol Odur? Can you please
    Help me identify the exact Liquid in these Glass Vile’s? As I dont want my Kids Drinking this!
    Hope to hear from someone soon:-/
    Cheer’s Daniel..

  11. I wanted to point out to everyone about the subscriptions – be careful. I subscribed via Bissett and was waiting for weeks for issue 2 while the newsagents were selling issue 9! They claimed “short stock”. Also they auto charge your account for 5 issues at a time and will not notify you, they just send and charge. The binders too are auto charged and cost around $16 each. I cancelled because it is a clear trap – in fact there are complaints about this very thing and its been going on for years. The rocks are nice but not worth the rip off, buy it the newsagent or just buy the rocks at a shop that sells them. National Geographic are not in any way affiliated with this series, just a name. Just be careful guys with the auto charges, subscriptions arent worth it 🙂 buy it at your newsagent! And no I am not a newsagent, just someone who joins the list of people ripped off by subscriptions to part works. I dont want anyone else ripped off.

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